Saturday, November 25, 2006

haha! the happiest layout day for the forerunner staffers!

The picture was shot at Geng's crib. Forerunner staffers finally met the cousin of dae-dae! haha! This was shot during our break...

awww! hehe!

and before we went back to work... Bluetooth! Bluetooth! ahihi!

Monday, October 23, 2006

a notable experience

After a series of waking up early, meeting at road 8 for the FX bound to Espanya, sharing laughs while having breakfast at either McDonalds or KFC, falling in line to get your food, interacting with some of the delegates and waiting for a cab take us home, the Inkblots 2006 Journalism Fellowship has finally meets its end.

October 19 of 2006, upon walking up early, I could not believe that it was the last day of our Journalism Fellowship. In fact, my mind was filled with a question, “bakit ngayon pa, kung kelan naman may nagiging friends na ako” but as my adviser when I was in third year high once said that “parting ways are inevitable” obviously, I have no choice but to accept it.

Being there at UST for the last day of our Fellowship made me felt that the delegates were also sad, and they were all talking pictures as their remembrance. By the way, I was one of them, haha! Thanks to Kuya Ivan! Haha! (Guys you know what I’m talking about right?).

The last day of our seminar was I must say was my favorite one! Because I had so much fun being at the Fellowship night! Foods were zesty! Haha! Oh well, I also got to meet the staffers like Ate Reize, Ate MJ, Ate Palo, Kuya Ivan, Kuya Richard and of course let us not forget the Editor-in-chief of the Varsitarian, Kuya Nicolo Bernardo. Oh my! It was really a notable experience that I never want to forget. Thanks to Ms. Bernadette, though she might not notice this, but I am so honored just be chosen by your English Instructor to be able to attend the seminar with her and some of the co-staffers. I am really looking forward to attend another round of Inkblots come next year 2007. (I’ll just load the pictures uhmm..maybe next week!) Good night guys!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


-Why is it so easy to listen to the advice ofothers yet so hard to listen to the advice of God?
-Why is it so easy to give to others yet so thrifty when it comes to God?
-Why is it we have all the time to read magazines yet find it hard to find time to read the bible?
-Why is it that there's much time to talk to our friends yet so little when it comes to God?
-Why is it we're eager to please others yet can't have the initiative to please God?
-Why is it we love to go to malls yet thinking twice of going to the Church?
-Why is it some people love to sing rock, pop, yet find it absurd to sing gospel songs?
-Why is it so easy to thank others yet usually we neglect to thank God?
-Why is it so easy to trust others yet find it hard to trust God?
-now tell me, am i correct?!